Protect Your Child’s Health

Safety Measures Keep Your Child Germ And Virus-Free

Protect Your Child’s Health

Safety Measures Keep Your Child Germ And Virus-Free

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Daily Sanitizing Helps Keep The Virus Away

Daily sanitizing keeps your child’s classes, bathrooms, surfaces, and toys germ-free, and giving close attention to high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches assures a deep clean that keeps your child healthy

An At-Home Temperature Check Means Parents Do Their Part

Parents should do temperature checks for signs of fever and health screenings at home before bringing their child to care. This ensures that everyone is symptom-free and protects the health of their peers.

Increased Hand-Washing Prevents Any Exposure

After drop off, your child washes their hands first thing, before entering any class, doing the same throughout the day and before you pick them up, killing germs and the possibility of contagion.

Sick Children Are Asked To Stay Home

Parents should keep children who are sick home to prevent the spread of germs to others and make sure their health needs get attention. This measure prevents the possibility of spreading the virus and also goes for the adults.

Teachers Have Backup To Ensure Everyone’s Safety

Planning makes sure that substitutes are readily available to fill in, ensuring your child continues to receive the care you expect, even if staff is affected. Coverage and backup are essential during this time

Modifications Put In Place To Promote Social Distancing

Adjustments like smaller class sizes, in-house field trips, 6-feet spaced cots, and rotated schedules help ensure the safest care possible for your child. Re-designing and altering day-to-day activities keeps everyone safe.

A ZONO© Sanitizing Machine Protects Your Child's Health

Your child’s toys, learning materials, and daily essentials are bacteria, germ, and virus-free thanks to a ZONO© sanitizing cabinet. Using process control, ozone concentration, and humidity, the machine keeps your child healthy each day.

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