A Safe Space For Your Child To Thrive

Under The Guidance Of Trusted Staff In An Easily Accessible Location

A Safe Space For Your Child To Thrive

Under The Guidance Of Trusted Staff In An Easily Accessible Location

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

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A Neighborhood Where Everything Is Within Reach

Close to a quiet residential community, the center sits in a convenient and commercial neighborhood that offers convenience for your busy schedule. Accessibility is vital when it comes to securing your child’s care

Germs Have No Place With A ZONO© Sanitizing Machine

Everything your child touches undergoes disinfecting and sanitization each day with the use of the ZONO© sanitizing machine. Their toys, books, and daily necessities are germ and bacteria-free, eliminating your child’s exposure to the virus.

Trusted Security Measures Promise Peace Of Mind

Never worry about your child’s safety with special security measures like restricted access controls, tall privacy fences, cameras throughout the premises, and trusted CPR-certified teachers who have the experience to lead in emergencies

A Cleaning Staff Keeps Your Child’s Space Spotless

Professional and experienced staff members clean every day to ensure your child’s learning materials, toys, and necessities are germ- and virus-free. Housekeeping is on-site, and the team makes sure classrooms are sparkling and spotless.

A Fun Playground Where Children Conquer The Outdoors

Children have outside time each day to run, jump, sprint, and interact with friends. Fun and exciting play structures keep them active and bring smiles throughout the day as they enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun.

A Fun Indoor Play Area For Daily Movement

Your child can stretch their muscles, build up strength, and enhance agility on a fun and challenging indoor playground. They get their daily movement, even in inclement weather, and have plenty of safe space to grow and be with friends.

How Old Is Your Child?


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