Prepare Your Child For New Heights Now

2 Amazing Curriculums And Highly Educated Teachers Prepare Your Child For Their Journey To Kindergarten

Prepare Your Child For New Heights Now

2 Amazing Curriculums And Highly Educated Teachers Prepare Your Child For Their Journey To Kindergarten

Pre-K | 4 - 5 years | Serving Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

A 4-Star Child Care Rating That Promises The Very Best

The STARS program is a rating that supports the continued improvement of early learning programs and rates based on progress. Be ensured that your child receives the best care possible with the highest rating of excellence possible.

2 Curriculums Equip Your Child For Kindergarten Success

Your child learns with Conscious Discipline© – Feeling Buddies and Investigator Club® every day in a way that prepares them for academic and social-emotional advancement. They learn across the most crucial subject areas, including pre-literacy and pre-reading, with trusted teachers’ guidance.

An Eco-Healthy Center Keeps Children's Immune Systems Safe

Your child’s classroom is healthy and toxin-free. With an eco-friendly environment, safe and natural cleaning supplies, no air fresheners, and no VOC paint keeping your little one’s air clean and their body pure is effortless.

Be A Part Of Your Child's Day With Your Parent App

Procare© is a paperless and secure technology that allows you to see your child reach their milestones throughout the day. Receive pictures, videos, and updates that help you support their development from afar and fill your heart’s pride.

Parent Partnership Helps Builds Necessary Bonds

Parents are welcome to participate in their child’s developmental experience. Sharing their knowledge, family traditions, and exciting stories bring everyone together and let children know they have a village. Special events are a great space to connect!

Top-Tier Security Measures Keep Your Child Safe

Have peace of mind regarding your child’s safety with measures in place like locked entryways, a private and fenced-in yard, CPR-certified teachers, and security cameras throughout the premises. Safety comes first!

A Delicious, Catered Lunch Keeps Children Healthy

Children have the option of a home-cooked lunch provided daily at a nominal fee. Snack is provided at no cost, and all food served is nut-free and considers allergies. Parents can also choose to pack a lunch if they please!

A Clean Space For Your Child To Conquer

Children always have a clean space to eat, learn, and play. Expert and professional cleaning services come in every evening to make sure your child’s room is spotless. Teachers also do their part to keep the center clean.

Teachers Develop Your Child Into The Ultimate Kindergartener

Your child is more than prepared to advance to Kindergarten with learning that strengthens their knowledge across math, science, literacy, and more. They feel confident in moving forward and have resources and support to prepare them.

Educated Staff With Experience Promise Academic Excellence

Most teachers have a CDA, Associates, or Bachelors degree that gives them everything they need to guide your young child’s learning. They teach with confidence and passion and know what it takes to build strong minds.

A Fun Music & Yoga Program Included In Tuition

Children participate in a monthly yoga class and weekly virtual music classes with Mr. Matt, where they experience different types of instruments. They explore the world of sound and gain an appreciation for the performing arts.

The Soccer Program Teaches Athleticism And Teamwork

Soccer Shots© uses creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting. The program also encourages building positive character traits each session like respect, teamwork, and appreciation.

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