Unlock A New Path Of Learning

A Rigorous Yet Age-Appropriate Curriculum And Exciting Enrichments Develop New Skills Now

Unlock A New Path Of Learning

A Rigorous Yet Age-Appropriate Curriculum And Exciting Enrichments Develop New Skills Now

Preschool | 3 - 4 years | Serving Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

The Highest STARS Rating Shows Child Care Excellence

A 4-star rating through the STARS program means you can expect the very best when it comes to child care. The program reflects a dedication to continuous improvement and providing quality experiences for children that prepare them to win.

2 Curriculums Come Together For Cognitive And Social-Emotional Development

Your child learns with Conscious Discipline© – Feeling Buddies for self regulation and Funshine Express© during their daily learning. They strengthen their minds through exploration, reading, and even play and interaction in a way that prepares them for their next academic steps.

A Clean Environment That’s Eco-Healthy

Classrooms are environmentally healthy and provide reduced exposure to harmful toxins. No air fresheners, no idling cars, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and a smoke-free premise keeps your child’s air pure and their health protected

The Procare© App Helps You See Your Child’s Development

Receive daily, secure, and paperless communication about your child’s activities, meals, playtime, and more. Adorable pictures and videos come straight to your phone, so you never miss the moments that matter most when you’re not there.

A Parent Partnership That Accomplishes A Shared Goal

Family participation is the best way to let your child know everyone is on board and supportive. Parents often come in to share unique stories and family traditions in a way that benefits everyone. Fun celebrations bring everyone together!

Secured Premises Are Always Top Priority

Have peace of mind when it comes to your child’s care concerning safety and security. Premises stay locked down with closed doors at all entrances, a private and fenced-in yard, high-tech security cameras, and trained and CPR-certified teachers.

A Catered Lunch That Brings Children Smiles

Keep your child happy and know that they have the nutrients they need throughout the day with a catered, home-cooked style lunch at a nominal cost. Children receive snacks at no additional cost, and all food is nut-free, catering to allergies.

A Spotless Environment For Your Child To Grow

Every evening, professional cleaners come in and make your child’s trusted space look brand new! Their toys, necessities, and learning materials are disinfected, kept germ and virus-free, and staff contributes to a clean childcare center.

A Program That Prepares Your Preschooler For Kindergarten

Your child learns everything they need to feel confident advancing to their next level of learning and development. Focus on subjects like literacy prepare them to read, write, and communicate with confidence, and teachers use Conscious Discipline© to enhance social-emotional skills.

Highly Educated Teachers Guide Your Child’s Learning

Most of your child’s teachers possess a CDA, Associates, or Bachelors degree and have everything they need to teach your child the essential subject areas and information they need to conquer their learning.

Yoga And Music Enhance Your Child’s Learning

Children participate in 1 free Yoga class a month at no additional cost. Yoga teaches your child to be agile, flexible, mindful, and full of movement. Weekly virtual music classes with Mr.Matt introduce your child to a world of artistic expression and sound

Exciting Enrichments That Help Create Well-Rounded Children


Ms. Ann from Peaceful Poses provides yoga classes that explore simple postures, improve balance and flexibility, enhance creativity and promote self-expression and mindfulness in a positive environment.


An exciting music class provides musical experiences where children explore music, instruments, and rhythm at the appropriate developmental level.

Build Sportsmanship And Discipline With Soccer Classes

Add soccer to your child’s day for a nominal fee. Soccer Shots© utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting. The program also highlights positive character traits like respect, teamwork, and appreciation!

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